Hello! And welcome to It’z Me Jennifer Leigh!

I’m Jennifer Leigh. Wife, Mom, Blogger, & Dishwasher Loading Queen. 


I’m a Converse wearing, espresso loving, boy mom of 2. I’ve always enjoyed writing & while the first thoughts of blogging were a bit scary because you are putting your life out there, I decided I was going to just cannon ball into the blogging world.  I created my first blog Threenager Mom as an outlet to tell my “mom” stories about life with a threenager. As time progressed & there were life changes, it was time to rebrand & create a new space where I could talk about much more. From motherhood to recipes, and everything in between. Recently I started documenting about our transplant journey as my husband just became an organ recipient not too long ago.

I’ve always dreamed about writing & now I am sharing my life experiences with the world. Along with things I am passionate about & enjoy while still trying to find balance between everything. Because no matter what season in life you are in or whether you are a mom or not, finding balance is something that we all struggle with.


Jennifer Leigh

Jennifer Leigh